Mig/Mag Welders

  •  Why MIG/MAG?

    MIG/MAG welders are the most widespread form of welding in manufacturing and construction projects, since the machines can be easily operated for many hours without rest. The majority of modern inverter welders run on MOSFET and IGBT transistors. Currently, the spotlight lands on IGBT, as they are the latest innovation in welding, making the devices 2-3 times smaller, whilst becoming even more stable and powerful, than their MOSFET counterparts.

    Almost all of our MIG welders have the possibility of being operated as stick (MMA) welders, as well as switching the machine's polarity. Why change the polarity? A polarity change lets you use Flux cored wire, which does not require gas to operate.


    Machine maintenance

    Before starting the weld, do not forget to cover the welding torches muzzle with anti-sticking spray.

    While grinding, turn the machine off, so that the small metal particles won't be able to enter the hull (via the cooling fan).

    After a long non-stop job, do not turn off the welder right after finishing, let the machine cool off, while the fan is still active. 

    Intense multiple-week working leaves its impact on any machine, so try to clean the electric circuits, lightly spraying them with air. This won't take longer than 15 minutes but will power the risk of failure to a minimum.



    A MIG welder has 3 main adjustments: Voltage, Wire feeding speed/Current, Induction

    Induction prevents the current from lifting during a short circuit. If the machine has no way of controlling induction, this parameter is already adjusted to the most often used value. In short, small induction - better dot welding; higher induction - better-prolonged weld.



    Synergic welders are able to control voltage, wire feeding speed and induction by themselves. You can control the current, but before, pick what wire and gas you are using (CO2, Argon, MIX(Argon and CO2))

    It's much easier than it sounds! Still don't understand? Feel free to call and find out!



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