Privacy policy

  •  UAB Eleoras cares about its client's safety and honours their privacy. That is why we promise using your personal information in a just and fair way. Wanting to give you an inside look, of how exactly we use your personal data.


    1. What data do we have and how do we use it?

    When making an order in our online shop, we ask you, the customer, the minimum amount of information: name, surname, home address, phone number and email address; This is the data, that is required for us to ship your goods properly. Any more data is unnecessary for shipping. We also have an email subscription to our news feed, which you can turn on or off at any time.


    2. How is the data gathered?

    Your information is gathered, when you finish filling your order or are a subscriber of our email news feed. Don't have the chance to order, because the system is hard to understand? You can always call us and we will be happy to help you fill the order.


    3. What is the data's length of use?

    Your data will be stored on our servers until your last bought goods warranty runs out. You will always be able to find the items you have bought, even if you have lost the documents or recept.

    If you have bought a good that has no warranty - the data is stored for 12 months.

    If you have registered on our website, your data will be stored for 12 months after your last visit to the web page.


    4. Protection of personal data

    We commit to keeping your information safe and using it responsibly. We constantly upgrade and create new technical devices for safety purposes. Using only safe programming software.

    The part of our personnel, that has access to your information are workers, that execute orders, send the orders to the courier service, as well as inform you about the order's progress.

    5. Your right's

    • The right to know what personal data we have and how we are using it
    • The right to correct your data, if something has changed or there has been a mistake
    • The right to delete your data
    • The right to restrict the handling of data
    • The right of disagreeing with the handling of your data for direct marketing purposes
    • The right to change the way we handle your data at any moment of time

    If you would like to use these rights, feel free to write or call us during work hours.  



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